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Customize your audiobook

Because time is too precious to
waste it with bad audiobooks

Do not like the Audible reader?
No shop has an audiobook version?
Book author? Want more accessibility?
Want to experience together?
Follow your favorite Readr reading all your favorite Books
Demand every one on the Marketplace how you prefer it
Offer your deed for production and sell it in our store
Create commented Audiobooks as Content Creator


How it works



Open an account for free

Get a microphone

Get paid for reading books

Tell us who you are. But only if you want. We value your privacy. You can stay anonymous and still get paid. Connect your Social Media to stay in contact with your fans and tell us your favourable payment option.

You already have a nice voice, the ability to read, a PC, an Internet connection and a recording device. You only need a quiet place, a microphone, the free audacity app and some sort of payment account. We will show you the rest.

Read for Authors or directly your fans. Our marketplace provides offers and demands. You can also do commented reading. Experience a thriling story of you favorite book together with your Listeners. Satisfy them and you will get paid. No Excuses.


Charge what you want

Pay low fees

Get paid quickly

You always get to pick your price. Need help? We have tools to help you match demand in your languagae area and to improve your skills.

There's no cost to sign up. We generally charge Readrs a 15% flat fee for each project. Fees get lower with experience stages. The more we work together, less fees.

Once you've finished a project, we can send your money by Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, USDC, Paypal, or other available methods.

Why be a Readr

"As a Readr I was able to pay for my Biomedical Engineering College degree."

Jenna earns her Income with reading for Youreadfor.me

We answer your questions


You want a certain text as Audiobook but there is no Version buyable? Demand the Audiobook how you want it.

You don't like the voice or reading style of the audible version? Demand the Audiobook and invite a Readr of your Choice.

You want a certain style - for example an individualized ASMRBook? Demand it.


You're an Author and want to reach a broader audience? Offer your deed for Audiobook production.

You're Self-publishing and want to extend your portfolio by having an Audiobook Version. Offer it now.

You're an institution and want to outsource your audiobook production? Offer your script and self-publish now.


Self-Read - As Author you're authentic and publish your self-recorded Audiobook. Initiative now.

NEWV - You're Content Creator and experience awesome stories together with your followers? Create a NEWV - a NEW Version of your favorite text.

PodBook - With PodBooks you share your opinion with others Content Creator about a certain book while reading and recording it. Create a collective Experience. PodBooks are the Book Club of the Future.

Freestyle - Do what you want. ;-)

Everybody can become a Readr if he owns a Smartphone, a recording software, internet and of course the ability to read. In general, the Grandma, as well as the college student or the mom who stays at home can become a Readr as well as the businessman who has an incredible voice or the Author who wants to be authentic.

Will everybody become a highly successful Readr? We don't think so. But everybody can try to innovate and provide his best performance.

Just like with transporting passengers on UBER or renting your home on Airbnb. Are you required to be a Hotelier to host on Airbnb? You don't. A Chauffeur with a certain color car? No.

Those who are willing to go the extra mile, to earn our famous 9-star reputation, while others stop after the finish line - those are the ones who will become the user's favorites. On Airbnb your asset is your property, on UBER it's your car, on Youreadfor.me it is your voice. If your fans like you nothing else matters.

The listeners will decide if they're pleased with the performance and provide feedback for improvement. The best part is - they don't even have to be in the same country. They just have to be within the same language spectrum.

As a Readr you finalize a project and as soon as everybody is happy, you will receive your payment to your payment option of choice. End of story. We want to automate all steps so there is no delay where your money is in the ether.

It depends on your quality. As an Amateur a smartphone, some type of HQ recorder or medium tier external microphone is recommended. You also should try to reduce the echo and hall-effect as much as possible. From a Semi Professional it is expected to have a little home studio with middleclass recording device, an amplifier and a middle class microphone - which produces no white noise. As a Professional Readr you should have access to a high tier studio for maximum recording and editing quality.

It is up to you. Our expectation is that an Amateur charges 25€/h; a Semi charges 250€/h; a Pro Readr above 1.000€/h. There is no price fixing from our side.

No. Being a Readr is a Zero Knowledge Job. You can learn it on the go. But remember: Quality is King.

Depends on the difficulty and quality expectations. A rule of thumb might be: 100 words/minute.

In the launch phase we offer Credit Cards, Paypal and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the future we will adapt more payment options.

2.0 will add a Copyright token exchange in order to trade copyright tokens. It allows to share cashflows, digital rights and invest into promising talent.